Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Stylist For This Shoot Should Be Shot


Sure, Sam Page is an attractive enough chap that you could throw him in a hefty sack and one of those beanie caps with fake dreads attached and I'd still want to ride his bones. But that doesn't mean you should style him like he's what Simon Doonan just pulled out of his drain. It just doesn't. Shame, stylist. Shame.

More pics here; they're not all a total loss,
as the following proves:



greggiboi said...

I don't think anybody over 19 years of age or 127 lbs should buy anything at Urban Outfitters, not even a tie. "Taint fittin'" as Mammy said. And don't I recall thatthe chain's management is s big contributor to some very retrograde political causes?
Nonetheless--handsome man. Opposite of a pig in a poke. I'd poke. I'll never watch GOSSIP GIRL, though.

Heather said...

The stylist should definitely be shot. The second photo looks like Richard Simmons and The Fonze had a love child. I'm pretty sure the third was made from my grandmother's "davenport" and that first one? WTH? Why would he even agree to wear that shit?