Monday, November 15, 2010

Cowboys & Aliens & Asses, Oh My


As PopWrap rightfully points out, they spent a lot of time getting Daniel Craig's bottom right there on the first teaser poster for Cowboys & Aliens. Why they'd have to spend so much time when the real life thing is so perfect on its own is a mystery. Just toss the following out into theaters and wham bam 100 million dollar opening weekend:

And if you need more than that, io9's got a rundown of what the trailer will look like they saw it early (it's out on Wednesday).

1 comment:

Derreck said...

what a nice way to start the day. lol.

Not alot of posters tend to focus on a man's ass though. haha..

but the real reason i posted,


I love, love her and i love the way she consistenly managed to fuck with Nomi's head.