Friday, October 08, 2010

I Could Never Ever Choose...


... between Henry Cavill and Matthew Bomer for Superman. Could you? The fine folks at The Playlist have offered up their ideas for casting the film and those two are both mentioned again - they each almost had the role in earlier incarnations, before Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh took over - and I love them both for it. Too difficult! So I ask you to help me out:

And if you're at all passionate about it make your case in the comments please. I simply can't fathom any reasons for one over the other. We should have twin Supermans, and they should make out, a lot. Yes!

They also mention this James Wolk fellow that got some good notices (if by "good notices" I mean "gay guys drooling over his furry torso," and what the hell else would I mean) for his role in the quickly canned TV show Lone Star. Excuse to post picture, go!

Anyway he's adorable but I've never seen him do anything. But people seem to like him a lot. The Playlist also gives suggestions for Lois Lane and OH MY GOD if they don't hire Lizzy Caplan I'll cry.



billybil said...

James Wolk is so charming he melts your pants off. Truly - the reason the show failed is no one - I mean NO ONE wants to see this charming, cute guy making people unhappy - he's just too damn adorable. Way too adorable for Superman. He needs to be doing sex romps for the next 10 years!!!!

You made a BIG mistake not watching LONG STAR the 2 chances you had!

billybil said...

Of course - I meant LONE STAR. :-)

Jason Adams said...

I know what YOU meant, billybil. Freudian much... ;)

But your rapture at the invocation of Wolk's name is something I've seen all around and I'm sorta in awe of it, and I do feel bad I missed the show. But he's obviously gonna have a big career if this is the way people respond to him, and I look forward to making his acquaintance. As long as he keeps the shirt off.

billybil said...

If you can - please get him to do a few scenes in his underwear too...just for me.

If he has any range at all as an actor, he is gonna have a big career. I'm not entirely sure he has the gravitas or not - but he sure is purty.

Simon said...

Henry Cavill has lost many a blockbuster role. I think he's about due, that guy.

Anonymous said...

Lizzy Caplan! An inspired choice!

Derreck said...

I'm with Simon. It's Cavill's time in the spotlight.

Not too fond of the Caplan choice though. I like Rachel McAdams.

Ugh. i just had a vision of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane again. seriously, how? why?

Anonymous said...

Wolk is the reason I didn't watch Lonestar, I find his face very punchable. If he becomes my beloved Superman, someone is gonna pay!!