Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Am Link

--- Johnny & The Bears - The Jackass gang talk a bunch about the gayness of their schtick, and then show the movie at a gay leather bar. I love you still, Knoxville. I'll probably see their stupid new movie, too. On that tip, Vanity Fair gets to the points that matter. (Four dicks!)

--- Boy O Boyle - Danny Boyle would maybe like to make another zombie movie perhaps sometime in the distant future but he's not saying for sure, right now. Fuck your crumbs, Boyle. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's sequel was better anyway; maybe we want him to make the 3rd one, ya ever think that?

--- Rape Talk - Rich at FourFour chats about the remake of I Spit on Your Grave. I still haven't even seen the original, much less the remake. Is it weird that out of all the shit I've made myself watch I'm still scared of this movie? I should get to it sometime, I guess. Sigh.

--- Breaking Pace - Lee Pace has joined the cast of the fourth Twilight movie, as had been rumored awhile back. As long as he's working I don't care. I won't see it but it's nice to know he's getting paid. (thanks Mac!)

--- City Stompers - I argued ages ago, around the time that The Host came out - that it's time for the Giant Monster Movie to have a real renaissance, and perhaps Guillermo Del toro is the man to finally make that happen. He's been attached to some Pacific Rim Godzilla type thing, involving giant monsters doing what giant monsters do, serve tea and cakes eat city's faces off. Yes.

--- Shot In 3D - The most interesting thing about Drive 3D, the movie by Todd Farmer (the director of the My Bloody "1/5 of a good movie" Valentine remake) and starring Nic Cage and Amber "Big Boobs Bisexual" Heard is that little bit snatched off its new poster seen there to the left (via). Now we're advertising that, eh? Clever girl... Not that I really think the general audience pays attention to this. If you use the Mother Test, my mother would have no idea what this was about. Of course if the movie doesn't star a talking dog my mother's not interested. Which might be why she likes Nic Cage.

--- Dr. Salamander - If you were wondering who Rhys Ifans was playing in the Spider-Man reboot you could find that information right here at this link. Or I could just tell you: he's playing Dr. Curt Connors, aka The Lizard.

--- The Good Guys - In case you missed the new official picture from Scream 4, that's it right there via Stale Popcorn. That link also contains another episode in Glenn's scene-by-scene dissection of the original trilogy; it's the sweet country road walk that Gale and Dewey take before the hell breaks loose, and Glenn's right, it's weird looking at that moment right now with Cox and Arquette unhypenating.

--- Double Stevie - Steven Spielberg's next two movies, Tin Tin Something Something Unicorn, Really? and War Horse, will both be coming out right around Christmas next year.

--- Sentence of the Day - From DH's post on Seth "Family Guy" MacFarlane's upcoming movie, which just landed Mark Wahlberg in the lead:

"Other characters include a racist homosexual, a "Jewish-looking" person with anti-Semitic views, and a woman obsessed with male ass crack shaving."

Yeah that sounds like something Seth would write. Right now I can hear MacFarlane saying the words "ass crack shaving" now in that deep lumbering voice of his... mmm...


SeangSTM said...

JA - Regarding "I Spit on Your Grave," nah...not weird at all. Took me a while to see it and then when I finally did, I found it very upsetting, especially after the film was over and I mulled it over. Its quite gratuitous and not in a necessarily good way, IMHO.

gregorybrown said...

Re: Pacific coast monster movies...I think ChristOpher Moore's LUST LIZARD OF MELANCHOLY COVE would be dandy. If you don't know the story--a giant sea beast reaches the time when it should mate. Other giant sea beasts are hard to find It goes ashore in a small town, where an attempt at humping a gasoline tanker results in bad burns. A mad woman takes pity on the burnt big one, which adopts a disguise as a double wide trailer, providing the opportunity to eat a couple of pesky door-to-door missionaries. The lovelorn beast sends out psychic waves intended to attract a mate. Instead, the humans get all erotically aroused, which is a fine thing because the town psychologist has been free with the mood relaxers for some time. This has it ALL--horny sea monsters, horny people, stuff blowing up--just a whee of a time.

Prospero said...

Del Toro has already quashed the "Godzilla" rumor.

Joe Reid said...

No. NO. You cannot have a thing for Seth McFarlane. NO, I SAY.

Faith said...

I couldn't even pay attention to 28 Weeks Later. My vote would be for no sequel at all, but if there had to be one, I would absolutely want Boyle.

Glenn said...

The original I Spin On Your Grave is terrible and boring and I'm sure the remake is even worse.

Anonymous said...

I saw the original I Spit on Your Grave when I was 16. It is one of my top 10 favorites. I don't want to see the remake because Camille Keaton is Jennifer Hills. No other actress could take her place.

For the record I am a girl and I know most girls despise this movie.