Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Am Link

--- Early Axed - I hope all y'all who might've wanted to see Adam Green's Hatchet II got out to see it over the weekend, since they've yanked it already. Since it was yanked due to its dismal box office though, I'm suspecting not. I didn't - I was planning on going this week. Silly me! They'd made a deal with AMC to show the film unrated, which kept them from being able to advertise, which prolly had some to do with it. Also, nobody saw the first movie. That prolly had some to do with it too.

--- Super Suzy - In case you missed it, yesterday at The Film Experience I briefly wished Suzy Sarandon a happy birthday with a remembrance of a moment from Thelma & Louise. It's hard for me to remember sometimes that a lot goes on in that movie besides the introduction of Brad Pitt's abdomen.

--- Stupor Man - By now you've surely heard that Zachary Snyderman, director of Thrice Hundred Oiled Loins, The Men Who Watch, and The Night Birds of Ga'Hoole, has been chosen to film a new Superman movie. Slash has confirmation from Zach himself that General Zod's the villain.

And PopWrap has a suggestion who should play Clark and his alter that I find appealing... Matt Bomer, who almost got it last time. But I think that the gay thing probably kept it from happening last go around, and I think that'll be the case this time too. Anyway he's too pretty to listen to. I never hear anything he says. My eyes glaze right over.

As for Zach, I don't know yet that he's proven himself right for Superman, but I've defended his work more than most in the past so I'm withholding judgment. He can't make any choices worse than picking Kate Bosworth for Lois Lane, that's a certainty.

--- Pete's Dragon - In slightly more obvious news, Peter Jackson is probably going to direct The Hobbit now. Shocking! Nobody saw that coming when Guillermo Del Toro stepped down.

--- Down By Two - Two horror franchises that I've really enjoyed are ending their run at number two, it seems - both The Hills Have Eyes series and the 28 Days/Weeks Later films are done, says DH. Those are four solid horror movies right there, and yet a crap-fest like Saw gets up to number 73. Sigh.

--- And finally, here's the trailer for Burke & Hare. It's the story of those famous grave-robbers starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis and Isla Fisher and Tim mother-humping Curry and directed by John "American Werewolf in London" Landis. (via)



Derreck said...

Bomer's gay??!

see ya!

*rents Body Heat to learn how to seduce a man*

*looks to see where White Collar is shot*

*books ticket*

Ms Scrappy said...

I'm not too crazy Synder for Supes at all. He makes really great films to look at but I find the films emotionally flat. Plus, he just copies the look of the comic book he's adapting and thinks that's enough.His commentary on 300 was just him repeating "Great shot. What a great shot." I know that they're great shots, I have eyes Zack what else do you have for me Zack? Oh, well Ms Scrappy I've got a really stupid sex scene set to an overated and very overused Leonard Cohen song. I chose that song specially because everybody uses it to excess. I for one will be praying the Nolans will interfere on this shoot on a daily basis. JA, I apologize for my rambling.