Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wet Hot Hunnam

Hey whaddya know, Charlie Hunnam shed some clothes and showed some skin in last night's Sons of Anarchy third season premiere. Far be it from me to leave such things unposted. (pics via)

People should light their showers better. Seriously. He could slip and fall in all that darkness. Also, I can't see his bits.


John said...

I've seen Mr. Hunnam on QAF UK and some of Sons of Anarchy and on SOA he does show some skin, he grew up and it shows, and he has a killer smile.

sparky2379 said...

He might not be "pretty", but he looks like the sort who would think you "have a purty mouth". And that's more than fine by me. Also, what movie is your banner from?

Jason Adams said...

Ha ha purdy mouth indeed, I like where you're taking this, sparky. Have you seen QAF UK? He puts it to use therein, bless that blessed show.

And the banner's Nightmare on Elm Street, sparky! Recognize!