Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Oh ho ho, this scene. I could write a thousand paragraphs and still have more to say about this scene... so of course I put this off this post until the last minute and am now having to rush through in order to get it done. So this'll have to be the Cliff's Notes version, I fear. Probably better for those of you not willing to read a thousand paragraphs (aka every single person on Earth) anyway.

I haven't read It since high school but I remember all of this seeming even more explicitly gay in the book - the teen boy hormones in King's books swing every which way, much to the excitement of this teen boy's hormones - but I'll be damned if it doesn't get across its gayness just fine with a couple not-so-subtle winks. The bullies pressing Stanley between them and pressing their knife in his face, then slicing the buttons off of his shirt one at a time. And the pipe! The pipe, man. What we've got here is essentially a teen boy being threatened with rape who is then saved by a bright evil light pouring out of a giant anus which then sucks his proposed victimizer inside. I could write a thousand paragraphs, I tell ya what.

But all that delightful symbolic bull-crap aside, this is just a scary effing scene ya know? It's one of the series' many moments that scarred me as a kid. There's so much good in It - of course everything with Tim Curry, but other stuff too (dear lord those fortune cookies!) - it's a shame we have to wander around with John Boy Walton for so much not good stuff. I still can't stomach Richard Thomas in anything because of it. Stupid ruiner!

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Prospero said...

Richard Thomas isn't the only thing that ruins "It." Not changing King's lame original ending, for example. Really? After 600 pages of awesomeness, the best he could come up with is a giant spider? It's like some really awful 50's sci-fi ending because he couldn't think of anything better.

timothy grant said...

Forgot about that scene. Thanks for the homoerotic flashback. The only non Tim Curry scene I remember from that mostly train wreck of a mini series was John Ritter delivering the immortally cheesy line: "Is that you in there Bev, or is it the damn clown?"

Tracy said...

This scene was my introduction to the wonderful world of homoerotic subtext. Of course, I didn't notice it the first time I watched it, because I was five and utterly terrified, but I picked up on it pretty quickly after that.

shaun said...

I remember this scene triggering something really scary for me as a tween, and it wasn't the horror aspect responsible. I was around the same age as the cute guy playing Stan as a kid, and seeing him all sweaty and in peril, well, it turned me on. I didn't know that was what was happening...I just felt an amorphous, dark blob of emotion that I knew was not a normal reaction to the scene. It's fascinating to reflect on it as an adult and to realize all the emotions that were at work.