Friday, September 24, 2010

Quotes of the Day Before Last

Jinkies I forgot to link over to this yesterday, this being the first interview with Bryan Fuller on his new gig writing an adaptation of Pinnochio, as well as an update on the Pushing Daisies comics! Firstly, this is the stand-out bit of news about where Bryan's going with the story:

Are there any hints you can give me about this version? Obviously we all know the basic story, but is there anything about the tone or aspect of this version of the character you can share?

BRYAN FULLER: The Blue Fairy is the villain.

Ooh a lady villain... Chenoweth! Chenoweth! And then, because you people are so blessedly obsessed with knowing what's going on with the Daisies comics - I am too! - here's what he says about those:

What's the latest with the Pushing Daisies comic from DC?

BRYAN FULLER: We're still working on it! DC wants us to have at least five issues in the can to publish and we're on issue three!

What is the appeal of continuing the story in this format and what would you say are the differences between doing the show and doing the comic in terms of story?

BRYAN FULLER: The big appeal in doing a Pushing Daisies comic is the story isn't finished. The big fun in doing a Pushing Daisies comic is the story is a little darker and a lot bigger.

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homeslaughter said...

I am sure Fuller will twist this appropriately. HBO needs to give him a show