Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Let Tomorrow Go!


Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go is out tomorrow. Do you think they're having Midnight shows? Are there people dressed up as their favorite characters sitting in tents outside the local cinemas as I type this? Damn I should've taken the day off, dressed up as a prep-school tween with my hands and feet chopped off, and copped a squat out there myself. Damn!


Dale said...

Aw, I'm happy for you that this is finally out, after you've been so excited about it for ages. Here's hoping it lives up to your expectations.

I'll have to see this at least out of cast loyalty. I wonder when it's out in Australia.

Jason Adams said...

I hope so too! And I hope you don't have to wait too long for it to open, Dale. I know how release dates can be for y'all down there.