Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Type This Sentence

Via BD comes the news that Greg McLean is about to make a sequel to Wolf Creek. Apparently this was already talked about before? I missed that tidbit.

Wolf Creek
made Roger Ebert foam at the mouth with hatred and made me swoon with love. In my estimation it's one of the greatest horror films ever made. An absolutely gorgeous and terrifying work. So I can't really even wrap my head around a sequel.

It isn't that its ending doesn't invite a sequel; it's just that, as talented as I think McLean is, I'm not sure that's a world that can be opened up or revisited while retaining the horrible poetry of the original. But I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it can be so!


homeslaughter said...

It was a perfect stand alone horror movie, but everyone needs a beach house. I'd rather watch an inferior Wolf Creek 2 than most of the stuff put out

Anonymous said...

What ... no mention of Greg McLean's silver foxish Daddy appeal? MNPP, you are slipping!