Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Am Link

--- His Hunger - Looks like Gary Ross, the man who directed Pleasantville (yes also Seabiscuit), will probably be climbing into the director's chair for The Hunger Games. I am fine with this. Pleasantville is one of my favorite movies so if he can muster up that sort of spark again this could be very exciting. Now we wait, holding our breath, for casting announcements, fully prepared to wail and gnash our teeth if a certain Hit Girl gets mentioned. Again. Ugh. But maybe Joan Allen can play Katniss' mom?

--- Speaking Of That Girl - BD reviewed Let Me In and they loved it. They also have a massive new gallery of stills. I am still so confused about this movie.

--- Web We Weave - They're remaking Kingdom of the Spiders! I hope they know they need to cast William Shatner in this, for goodness sake. And they need to at least nod to its infamous final shot. But otherwise, this is the sort of movie that can be made without me causing a ruckus.

--- China Blue - Meanwhile Billy over at Tower Farms took a very funny look at Ken Russell's Crimes of Passion. The story told in the comments about Anthony Perkins alone is worth clicking over.

--- One Squished Tomato - People don't like Friday the 13th Part V? I guess I knew that, and I haven't watched the movie myself in years, but I don't remembering hating it - and its twist - that much. Anyway Stacie Ponder turned her periscope onto one of its characters for her Victim of the Week series.

--- Big Tree - Six people saw Terrence Malick's Tree of Life in Telluride and one of them called it "cinema changing."

--- Stu's Place - We're up to the one hour mark of the original Scream in Stale Popcorn's "scene by scene" series on the original trilogy, and it's the start of the party scene. Off goes Tatum to the garage in the final shot of the scene, making for much sadness. Don't go, beer wench!



Joe Reid said...

If there's one thing I've learned from writing/reading about movies on the internet, it's to ALWAYS trust when people talk about a movie "changing cinema." I don't even remember what cinema used to BE, it's been changed so many times.

Jason Adams said...

Somehow I knew you'd be the one to most appreciate that comment, Joe.

Simon said...

Perkins, you dog.

Nothing like that happens anymore. Young actors are either too humorlessly self-involved or too in denial.

I guess to be fair, it is a little foreward...