Thursday, September 09, 2010

I Am Link

--- Angel Face - Legion was so bad - seriously, so so bad - that I don't know that I'll be able to work up much enthusiasm for Paul Bettany's second stab at playing a religious figure battling supernatural evils (if you don't count his deranged albino monk in The Da Vinci Code, where he was just a regular ol' evil dude). But here's the trailer for Priest anyway. If he gets naked I probably have no choice in the matter. Also, Karl Urban's a bad guy in it, and I do love me some Karl.

--- Timber - Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life is really for real not coming out until next year, says here. It got picked up by Fox Searchlight and they have too much shit going on to get to this one for a bit. It's not like it was gonna win any Oscars anyway. Malick's too weird for them.

--- Cuppa Katniss - Three more directors names have been tossed into the maybe pile for the Hunger Games gig. Cinematical's got the details here. They seem to be thinking outside the box, which is promising. Go that way with casting too, please!

--- Never Marks The Spot - The first half of a chat with director Mark Romanek is up at SlashFilm, and they chat a bunch about Never Let Me Go, which I dunno if you know this but is out in one week, minus a day now. Whoop.

--- Fo' Fall - Gawker made a handy dandy guide to all the flicks coming out over the next several months, and there are some hilarious passages, so check it out. And then go read what Joe has to say about a slightly smaller slice of the same pie, also hilariously.

--- Mo' Jim - Hey look here's an interview with James Franco. Are there ever enough interviews with James Franco? No, there are never enough interviews with James Franco. I could listen to him talk about whatever, movies, jerking off, anything forever. And this one's with The Advocate, so you know it gets good and gay. Course this is James Franco we're talking about, so it's always getting good and gay. With video!

--- Eternally Unsung - A new promising series just started at The Film Experience, with Michael C. of Serious Film taking a gander at individual aspects of movies that didn't get the attention they deserved. The first entry's about the wonderful special-effects in Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

--- Hey Stacie - I love this scene in Creepshow too. We have so much in common. You're rad, I'm rad. Rad!

--- Viva Tim - Martin Freeman, best known for playing Tim in Ricky Gervais' original version of The Office, might maybe will play Bilbo in The Hobbit after all? Maybe!

--- Spy Daddy - I gave up on the Spy Kids series after the first movie, but now that Joel McHale's gotten a part in the fourth film I might have to rethink that stance.

--- And finally, have you seen these images from the new BluRay for James Cameron's Aliens, with the side-by-side from the old DVD? Holy crap y'all.



SeangSTM said...

Those caps from Aliens look AH-MAZING...but, I pray to god its the director's cut and not the theatrical that is being release on blu-ray...

SeangSTM said...

Just found the specs online. BOTH versions...sweet! And two isolated scores - awesome.

Jason Adams said...

I don't think I've ever actually compared the original and director's cut versions - what's the diff, SeangSTM? I assume by your tone that the director's cut is inferior.

I don't actually own a BluRay player but looking at these images is giving me HUGE PAUSE.

SeangSTM said...

No, the director's cut of Aliens is leagues ahead IMHO.

The director's cut has the following additions (not a comprehensive list, obviously):

- the entire plotline about Ripley's daughter
- the boardroom scene is slightly longer
- there are a couple extra snippets with the Marines (longer establishing shot of the Sulaco interior, on the dropship)
- there is an entire plotline about sentry guns in key corridors of the complex and the aliens trying to overwhelm them with sheer numbers, ultimately failing

That's about it, but I feel it gives the movie several other layers and raises it above a pure action film. There is heart and characterization that is lacking in the theatrical version.

Again, only my opinion - I feel it is a superior cut of the film.

So glad that they're releasing both, though. :)

SeangSTM said...

Holy shit! Totally forgot - there is a scene showing the complex pre-infestation involving Newt's family finding the derelict from Alien and becoming infected.

Jason Adams said...

Oh whoops sorry, got my wires crossed there. And you know I know I watched the director's cut when that QUADRILOGY (gah that word) DVD box-set came out, but I'll be damned if I remember all the diffs. You're geekiness inspires awe, SeangSTM. ;) Love this movie. Maybe I'll rewatch it tonight, for the billionth time.

SeangSTM said...

There's still one scene I wish they would include as a deleted scene and that's Ripley finding Burke cocooned, handing him a grenade and walking away as it goes off in the background.

I can see why it was removed for pacing - it stops Ripley's search for Newt dead - but it sounds pretty hilariously cruel in a sickening way.

I don't think anyone has seen it, but a pic has appeared online:

Here's hoping its on the bluray special features.

MD said...

The release dates in NZ make me annoyed enough that I want to leave (yay semi-irrational anger!). Never Let Me Go comes out in February here.