Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 33, Tom Hardy


You know, for somebody who's only really gained big-time name recognition over the past year or so thanks to his blisteringly charismatic turn in Bronson - followed by having the most fun on-screen in the Summer's biggest fan-boy movie - there sure are a hell of a lot of pictures of Mr. Hardy online already. Bless his heart. Well perhaps not his heart really, but other bits. The ones screaming LOOK AT ME. Anyway happy birthday, Tom! I look forward to the billion movies we'll be seeing you in over the next couple of years. I wish this photo-shoot didn't have that giant watermark across the middle but whatcha gonna do.



Anonymous said...

Now this is a man that confounds me. Some pictures make me want to force my sexuality upon him. Others... meh. Why do you always look different, Tom?!
I do like him with the puppy. Awww...

John said...

I really love those nipples.