Friday, September 10, 2010

Dom Takes Tamara

Big thanks to mB of A Blog Next Door for throwing me a heads-up via tweet that the full trailer for Stephen Frears' Tamara Drewe (out on 11/8) is now online and that it's something I'd want to pay attention to. My bud Sean made mention of it yesterday but his focus was naturally focused on Gemma Aterton's short-shorts, which naturally do nothing for me, so I didn't bother watching it until mB gently reminded me that Dominic Cooper's also in this movie, playing some sort of wonk-haired mascara'd bad boy of my dreams. Mmmm. I'd actually posted about the film's existence a couple of months ago when a couple of promo pics showed up, but forgotten. Anyway here are the shots of my beloved DC in the trailer. Dreamboat sex bomb.



homeslaughter said...

Am I the only one who get a fetal alcohol syndrome impression from his face?

Jason Adams said...

He makes fetal alcohol syndrome hot!

John T said...

That picture of him in the black jacket leaning up against a car reminds me of the best date I ever went on. What a hottie.