Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Single Staring Eye Always Wins The Creeps War

I saw the news this morning that Let Me In's website had some kind of puzzles posted that'd give you a "gift" if you beat them and I figured this "gift" would be pictures from the film but man there was no way I was wasting my time pondering a bunch of puzzles when sure enough give it some time and the pictures would make their way online. And sure enough! I gave it some time! The pictures are online. You can see a few more at Slash but here are a couple of admittedly creepy ones:

Creepy! See, as long as I pretend that Chloe Moretz has nothing to do with this movie I can stay excited! Simple, yet excruciating.

1 comment:

timothy grant said...

Thank you for validating my disdain for Chloe Moretz. She seems like one of those hammy sit-com kids ... cloyingly precocious.