Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It Doesn't Suck

Nathaniel has begun a terrific new series at The Film Experience called "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" wherein he's inviting anybody who wants to to pick their favorite shot from the movie he's prescribed for a specific day and do a post about that shot. The series began with a warm-up the other week involving Bryan Singer's X-Men which I missed out on. For the record, I maybe would've chosen a shot something like this from X-Men:

Epic. But today comes another chance, and today I will take up the cause! Because today's pick is Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls and I'll be turned inside out and spread on a biscuit before I allow myself to miss out on anything Showgirls related. (No I don't know what "I'll be turned inside out and spread on a biscuit" but we're talking Showgirls here and it's best to stop talking sense when you're talking Showgirls.)

Only there was a problem. I hadn't prepared myself for this (shocker) and didn't have my Showgirls DVD with me to scan through and find a favorite frame. Whatever will I do?

I will cheat. It's not like I'd ever be able to choose one single shot from Showgirls that I loved the most anyway - I did a giant post a couple of years ago that was nothing but shots of Nomi that I adore and that didn't come close to skimming the top of all the shots I love in Showgirls. What it boils down to is I love every single shot of Showgirls, from the opening desert vista with Nomi thumbing a ride to the similar mirrored shot at the end as she heads outta Dodge, with every iced nipple in between.

So here's my cheat - there's only one bit from the movie that I already had saved here on my work computer, and I am forcing myself to grab a shot from that. And this shot does say a lot about my love affair with this movie...

It also says a lot about the things I have saved on my work computer. But anyway, oh yes. What is there not to love about that shot? I'll ignore the impressive centerpiece of the shot for a moment and point to the other things - Neon palms trees! The crazed dolphins vomiting on Nomi's head! The knowledge that with this shot soon comes the extraordinary epileptic fit that Kyle MacLachlan's dick sends Nomi into. Glorious, oh glorious rapture.

As for Kyle MacLachlan's centerpiece of ass, he's on the record that this is a body double I do believe...? Which is ridiculous, because he's shown his ass before.

You even see his ass in this Showgirls in another scene!
You're weird, Kyle.

Anyway I'm entertained by the fact that out of all the shots in this film filled with naked naked ladies I went and picked the one that really focused on exploiting the man. It seems appropriate.

So put on your fightin' nails and head over to The Film Experience
tonight at 9pm for more talk of favorite shots from Showgirls.



downbythewater said...

this post made my day, darlin'. takes the cake...i mean brown rice, veggies, and an Evian.


my god. i'm trying to frantically choose mine now and it is SO impossible. But i love both the ones you included here.

Anonymous said...

don't question the use of the body double's ass - there's a reason it's a star

Anonymous said...

Kyle ass was a masterpiece