Monday, August 23, 2010

In Case Anybody Missed This...


... although any of y'all reading this blog who like Sufjan as much as I do no doubt are well aware already... well in case not, Sufjan Stevens, banjo-enthusiast and god-humping hot-piece, released an EP over the weekend. It's called the "All Delighted People EP" and you can buy it here. One of my all-time favorite Sufjan songs that's never gotten a real release is on the EP - that being "The Owl and the Tanager." Looove that song (although the way he recorded it here is gonna have to grow on me; I'd gotten really used to the live version.) And I wish there was a "Majesty Snowbird" to be seen but you can't have everything. Ack must stop punching the gift horse in the face. New Sufjan! Hooray!


Emily S said...

I only have one Sufjan Stevens song, that being A Winner Needs a Wand. I heard it on a youtube video about No Country For Old Men once, and I like it ok.

CT said...

I had quite the Sufjan weekend, listening to the new EP and purchasing tickets for the tour. (Going to Chicago AND Indianapolis!)

He just makes me so darn happy inside.