Monday, August 02, 2010

I Think I'm In Love

Don't judge me - I only got around to seeing GW Pabst's 1929 silent classic Pandora's Box, which introduced to the world the intensely banged Louise Brooks and her inimitable icon Lulu, this weekend. I know! The nerve of some people. Pretending they know things about movies for years and then you find out something like this and any smidge of respect you maybe had for them is vanquished unto a nether realm, never to return.

Anyway the film was a fun mash of melodrama indeed, even if I was put off by the blase discarding of its own main character in the end - poor dirty girl can't even get a close up when she's being slaughtered, so blinded are we supposed to be by her myriad sins. But all that "poster girl for being punished for sexual looseness" stuff aside, I was so enraptured with staring at her pretty boy lover and his pretty head of hair that nothing could've torn me away.

Hello, Franz "Francis" Lederer! Pleased to make my obsession. Here are a few shots of him from Pandora's Box. Oh I love him so.



greggiboi said...

I'm happy to hear that you saw this. I was enraptured by it 4 years ago and encourage most people I know to spend some time with it. Some looks are timeless.

homeslaughter said...

He has so many good angles. He comes across as one of the best actors but you don't see his eyes that much

Glenn Dunks said...

I haven't seen all that many silent movies tbh, but I seem to remember this one having some of the worst title cards to silent talking ratios i'd ever seen. Characters seemed to talk for minutes and then a title card would pop up saying "Yes." Gah!