Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Am Link

--- Three To Go - I like the colors on this triptych of Never Let Me Go character posters but this doesn't so much seem like a film in need of character posters, does it? A little bit odd. They aren't Buzz and Woody fer Chrissakes. Still any chance to gaze upon Andrew Garfield makes me happy. I do adore that awkward bird-man. Plus I like to think about how much I want to see this movie. It excites my senses!

--- Speaking of posters, Glenn takes a look at a new couple he likes at Stale Popcorn and presents the one for Kaboom, Gregg Araki's new film, which is new to my eyes, and also this via Glenn:

"Not exactly a good poster, but I thought it was worth mentioning because it's not every day you see a movie poster with an erection on it."

Indeed, it isn't.

--- Death Squad - A couple more names have been added to the cast for the fifth Final Destination, including the adorable Nicholas D'Agosto, who was on Heroes for about five seconds as that dude who flew and was annoying, and the underrated 2006 horror flick Inside. I liked that movie, sorta.

--- Movie Boom - While some of the choices seem to want to make you insane at first, this list of the 50 biggest "flops, follies and failures" of cinema makes pretty good arguments for everything it lists - it's not really arguing what it seems to be arguing at first, so seeing masterpieces like The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford or Reds smacking up against something like Showgirls (which is also a masterpiece, in its own hard nipple way) makes more sense once you get into the list's groove. (thanks Jeffrey!)

--- Them Again - Haven't watched this new Funny or Die video starring a fight between Betty White and Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver - co-stars of You Again - yet but starring those three it's not gonna take me too long to do just that.

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omg. that video is so great.


I will take you down.

Jason Adams said...

I love the "AVATAR!" echoing from the background at the end. Ha! I am totally gonna start using that as a way to shut someone down in an argument.

Scott said...

I also love that she mentions Tadpole in her list of box office titans. Funny in context, and I'm always happy to hear Tadpole mentioned.

billybil said...

Especially an erection that big!

Hey - did I miss it - where's your reaction to PIRANHA 3D??

I swear I read you every day. Did I blank out or something?

Jason Adams said...

I wrote a brief poem in its honor because I just couldn't figure out the right way to properly review it, billybil. It'd already been review soundly by enough people anyway, I didn't really have anything to add. But I had a blast with it.

billybil said...

I mean - is your gorgeous poetry really gonna be it???? That's all???

Jason Adams said...

I sat there staring at the page for fifteen minutes and all I found myself able to do was list the moments that made me go (hmm) wow. Penis chomp! Hair caught in motor! Bobbing breast implants, oh my! One day soon, when its on DVD and I can give it the Ways Not To Die love it so desires, I will have more to say, no doubt. But for now what more can I possibly say? A string of a thousand exclamation points and some ejaculate really would sum it up, I guess.

billybil said...

Ooops - I should have read your response before writing my 2nd one. However...

Where does PIRANHA 3D fall in your Pantheon of films - top 10, top 30, top 1000?! Don't you think such a work of art deserves such a ranking, at least? I mean, at least, doesn't that horrible death by hair in propeller deserve something special?

Besides, what about us besotted fans out here who only read you (OK, OK - I read a few other sites but yours is the one that gets me all excited most of the time (sorry Nate - JA shows more flesh!))? Where does your brevity leave us poor souls?

Oh well...I guess I'll just have to settle for reading your ode over and over again and imagining the details of the blast you had.

By the way - I thought they were rather generous to Mr. O'Connell, don't you think? I mean it seemed like a pretty nice sized penis to me.

billybil said...

LOL - we're writing at the same time! Ah computers...

Exactly how I felt - lots of moments that made me go wow.

And you're right - it is so perfect for your Ways Not do Die feature! In fact, I bet they were thinking about you and that feature when they were making the movie!