Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am Link

--- Dapper Duo - The last Jim Jarmusch movie I saw gave me Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray. So far I've missed The Limits of Control, which also had Tilda.) And now he's giving me Tilda and Michael Fassbender? I don't know what I did for you dude but it must've been something huge. Slash has the details. I think a director is as wise as wise is wise to choose Tilda as their muse, right? Don't get better.

--- Halibut Havoc - I think SyFy should make a movie with that title. Anyway I'm still not seeing Piranha 3D until tomorrow. Tomorrow! Ugh! Forever. But if you want to relive a little bit of Joe Dante's original film and you haven't seen it yet Rich took a look at it last week.

--- Three By Jim - Craig took a look at three of James Franco's performances at The Film Experience over the weekend. Mmm Franco. And any article that starts with that picture of Jimmy boy will always grab my interest.

--- How Hallows - There was a screening of the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Slash has a couple of reviews. How much wandering in the wilderness with petulant teenagers is too much? We shall see!

--- What Have You Done To My Eyes - Stacie did one of her patented Awesome Movie Poster Friday posts last week for films she deemed underrated and they're all awesome choices - as would befit someone whose got such stellar taste - but since she brought up Paperhouse I am contractually obliged to chime in and say that yes, yes, yes, indeed this film is the shit. Click here for more from me on it. Love long time.

--- Chomp - That French zombie movie The Horde that was produced by the dude that made Martyrs is out on demand via IFC now. I might watch this tonight, maybe! I wish he'd release a movie of his own already though.


breedaniels said...

"Let's Scare Jessica To Death" is the first film I can recall giving me nightmares. I remmber catching part of it on T.V. when I was 7. What also freaked me out was "The Nightmare on Elm Street" trailer when you saw the indentation of Freddy's claws on the wall above the bed. By the way, saw "Pirahna 3D" this weekend, it was okay, as usual they give away the ending in the trailer, ala "Quarantine". "Pirahna 3D" is definitely up there with "Snakes on a Plane" for truth in advertising. Steven R. McQueen is super cute. Wish Eli had more to do. Underwater scene with the scientists was well done. I won't give anymore away.

Simon said...

Bill Murray is in Limits of Control too.