Monday, August 16, 2010

I Am Link

--- First Final Five - The first cast-member of Final Destination part the fifth (or as they're calling it, Anal Destination) has been cast and it's that dude who sorta looks like Tom Cruise and does a killer Christian Bale in American Psycho impression, named Miles Fisher, seen there to the left. I've never seen him in anything except that music video where he riffed on AP but he was... appealing... there, as you can see, so I say good casting! Perhaps he can have a death scene as good and gratuitous as Nick Zano's was? Fingers crossed!

--- Where Halved Hallows - Wanna know where they're splitting the story between the first and the second parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Then click on over here. All this reminded me was its been so long since I read the books I don't really even remember what they're talking about. Good sign! I'm still unnaturally excited though, of course.

--- Soul Switch - As expected, Wes Craven's upcoming horror flick My Soul To Take has switched its release date outta the way of the latest Saw and Paranormal Activity movies, but thankfully it's moved in a closer direction! It's now out on October 8th instead of Oct. 29th! Awesome! And that's a snapshot of the first poster there.

--- Into X - A couple more names thrown onto the X-Men: Muppet Babies heap - Jason Flemyng is playing Nightcrawler's father Azazel - hot baby name alert! - and Rose Byrne is playing that doctor chick who was played by Olivia Williams in the wholly forgettable third movie. You know its forgettable if I forgot Olivia Williams was in your movie.

--- Judy My Judy - Glenn watched Sleepaway Camp this past weekend and offers up his thoughts. Oddly I watched SC for the five hundredth last weekend when I was in Maine. It's raining Judy! But Glenn didn't know the ending and the people I was with in Maine didn't know the ending and all this shock 'n awe has delighted me endlessly this past week.

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