Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Am Link

--- Ass Or No - Kick Ass that is - One second it's yes, Aaron Johnson is in the X-Men: Muppet Babies movie, the next it's a no - today it's a no.

--- Things - You know I've never seen Howard Hawk's The Thing From Another World? Not in full, at least, I'm pretty sure I watched like ten minutes (the ending, if I remember correctly) on TV a couple of years back. Shameful, when I've seen John Carpenter's remake like ten to fifteen times. Anyway Sean directed me over to this piece at Slant discussing the two films, which is worth checking out if you're a fan.

--- Wolf Bane - More word on that proposed remake of An American Werewolf in London - it's got a writer. Miramax is really doing this thing. I don't see why they just can't continue in the vein of the Paris semi-sequel and move the thing to other cities and therefore deflect the whole remake talk. How about An American Werewolf in Prague? Or Istanbul? Once Constantinople. Or Detroit? Imagine the possibilities!

--- A Logo - I guess that's all you really get from this teaser trailer for Joss Whedon's Avengers movie, which is more than we ought to even be expecting at this point since they barely even have a cast yet, much less I'm guessing a script, much much less any footage of any sort.

--- So Nomi - In case you missed the rest of the pieces on favorite shots from Showgirls yesterday, here's the link where you can find them. If I were gonna pick a favorite it'd probably be Nick's - I had an instant DUH! reaction to seeing his choice of frame. But everybody's pieces are fun - it's impossible to not be fun, talking about that movie.

--- Afraid To Look - The trailer for Burlesque showed up last night and I am afraid to watch it. I so want Kristen Bell to do a good movie! And this movie scares me. But maybe it'll be Showgirls entertaining...? Bell as a mini Cristal Connors I could stand. This is holy water!


Joe Reid said...

You know I like Christina Aguilera and Cher way more than you do, and that trailer ... yikes. K-Bell is in it for maybe a half-second, but if there is a Cristal Connors role, she's playing up. But you barely notice her.

shaun said...

I so love the original "The Thing"...something about it being featured in the background of Halloween gave it extra cred in my mind. I have a huge soft spot for all those 50s and 60s movies, though -- there's a part of my brain entirely separate from the "slasher region" that enjoys those movies.