Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Morning, World


Matthew Bomer, without a shirt on, in front of book-shelves? I've apparently done something very good recently, for this is an awesome reward. Two of my favorite things together at last! But now that I have all I've ever asked for, I can't help but make things difficult, tis my way - what if we had to choose? Which is hotter? Shirtless Matthew Bomer or those beautiful shelves for books?

Now I now what you're thinking. This is easy, you think! Book-shelves are an inanimate thing, and Matthew Bomer is a hot slab of pretty boy who makes out with other dudes. Done, and done. But not so quick my friends! Let me offer up a couple of points in the book-shelves defense to prove this isn't as simple a query as it may seem at first. For one, those are some attractive shelves right there. And for another, they're never gonna get old and wrinkly. You could put books on them forever and they're always gonna hold 'em. But lastly, and most importantly, those book-shelves have been completely open and honest about what they are.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Bomer!


Scott said...

shirtless Bomer trumps sexy furniture, at any age! now if we can just get him to take the pants off too... though i agree, those bookshelves would be perfect for my movie/book collections which are inching their way across my apartment like the lake blob in Creepshow 2.

Heather said...

You live in my subconscious. When I was watching the show and this scene popped up I wondered how long it would be until you posted it.


i voted for the bookshelves because of that Time magazine cover. Being on the cover of a magazine is hotness itself. Even if print is dead.