Friday, July 09, 2010

A Three Day Weekend Ho

A late yesterday development of awesomeness that I didn't have time to mention: I have today off! So I'm home, resting my still swollen foot, staying out of that blasted blasted heat. Tough livin! But there is some of me to be had over at Celebrity Beehive where my weekly column on this weekend's releases and so on is up, so go check that out here. I get the chance to spout off about the wonderful The Kids Are All Right once more which is out today. Here's my rave review from last week. So good! See it, yo.

Also out this weekend is Predators, which I have every intention of still seeing even though the reviews have not been so kind. I mean...

Seriously. Anyway yadda yadda I say all this over there, go read it. And have a good weekend, my people!

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