Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something I Never Thought I'd Read...

... is Roger Ebert talking about Troll 2. My life has found new meaning. He reviewed the wonderful documentary Best Worst Movie (my review) which is about the so-called "worst movie ever made" and admitted that he actually owns a copy of Troll 2! But he hasn't watched it.

"I bought the DVD of “Troll 2” because a friend advised me to see it. “You’re busy,” he told me. “You don’t have time to see every bad movie. So you might as well see the worst of all time.” Yes, “Troll 2” has a coveted zero percent rating on the Tomatometer: the lowest-rated film ever made. A critic could become the most-hated person in fan circles by awarding it even half a star and spoiling the perfection of that zero.

I always intended to view “Troll 2” but, I dunno, never found the time. Now comes “Best Worst Movie” to save me the trouble."

He makes a couple of mistakes in his review - first off, it wasn't Troll 2's claim to fame to have a 0% on the Tomatometer - it doesn't even have a rating there - it was for awhile the lowest rated movie on IMDb. It ain't that anymore. Now it's #65, which I understand - I'd give Troll 2 a good rating myself - it's brought me more pleasure than any number of films.

And later in his review Roger says this:

"The movie was named “Goblin” but then the title was changed to “Troll 2” because that sounded more commercial. It is only a technicality that there was no movie named “Troll.” You could go out and make one, but then this would be the sequel."

There is most definitely a Troll 1, even though it has absolutely no connection to Troll 2. You should read Adam's review of the first Troll here. I've still never watched it. But the monsters in Troll 2 aren't even trolls, their goblins, which adds to its deranged charms.

But still, it brings me much pleasure that Best Worst Movie is still making the rounds and getting these good notices. It's worthy. I hope everyone's seen it by now, if it's come near you!

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