Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Never Sleep Again in 150 Words or Less

Four full hours of Freddy-fueled ecstasy! A gift for the fans and probably only for the most harcdore amongst them, it being, ya know, four full hours long. But counting myself amongst those scissor-finger worshiping elite, this was nirvana. Even just watching Heather Langencamp holler her hall pass line over the closing credits was enough to make my brain tingle, but there was so much more to appreciate I don't even know where to start.

And for something that took me a couple of nights to make it through, you know it's a happy time when I can't wait to hit up the extras disc, loaded with even more interviews and fun Krueger junk. Goodbye to another night, and thank you to film-makers Daniel Farrands and Andrew Kasch! You guys rule.


Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, I doubt we're getting this any time soon. Although we have gotten the His Name is Jason and Halloween 25 productions so maybe some day...

RJ said...

I actually have barely seen any of this series, but I really liked this doc. Made me actively seek out Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

As Roger Ebert says, "A bad movie is never too short, and a good one is never too long."

Rob K. said...

Excellent, fab doc, yes - but their one on Friday the 13th is so ADD-addled - jumping from one thing to another every 20 seconds - that I don't recommend it.

Jason Adams said...

Totally agree on His Name Is Jason, Rob - it wasn't anywhere near as captivating as this one was.

RJ - So have you caught New Nightmare yet? What did you think? I looove it but think those final second special effects are so disastrously awful that they always send me out with a bad taste in my mouth.

Glenn said...

His Name is Jason just felt like a DVD extra, not a separate movie in its own right.

I finally finished watching this entire franchise with the dreaded Fready's Dead. I might have to try and download this (too bad piracy, it's your own fault).