Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Am Link

--- The Hammer Is His Penis - Now this is what I'm talking about. They've released several images for Thor lately that I just haven't found interesting enough to post. Ooh here's a giant gold room with tiny little people standing around, and here's Tony Hopkins with a golden eye-patch... no, notsomuch. This new picture however has what I'm looking for: Chris Hemsworth's enormous self! (via)

--- Why Wyatt - And why not a fourth Evil Dead? I should just give up that ghost, shouldn't I? For the love of Ash, I can't. Anyway Sam Raimi's lined up another picture for after he does the Oz movie, presumably - an adaptation of Earp: Saints For Sinners, a graphic novel about the lawman fighting outlaws in some kind of futuristic wasteland. All this reminds me is that I still somehow haven't seen The Quick & The Dead from start to finish. How that's possible I have no idea. Then again, I've never seen For the Love of the Game either, but I don't feel guilty about that one.

--- Big Mouth Bill - This is just a reminder to myself to finally read this much-quoted interview with Bill Murray in GQ. Hey self! Remember this!

--- Riddle Me Joe - The rumor's been batting around for ages now, but a new tiny little tidbit of news pointing to the slight possibility of Joseph Gordon-Levitt maybe one day perhaps possibly playing the Riddler in a third Batman movie for Chris Nolan has reared its head, again. This time with 2% more substance!

--- Me Times Three - A couple of links to stuff I wrote elsewhere the past several days I've forgotten to link to: speaking of Joe, a lil' nod at The Film Experience to Joe Gordon-Levitt's maybe future musical movie. I also posted the trailer to You Again over there too. And then there's my weekly piece at Celebrity Beehive from last Friday that I somehow never linked to either. Head up ass, yo.

--- Bitch Went Down - Glenn made it to a pair of my favorite scenes from the original Scream film in his scene-by-scene dissection this week: Scene 9 where Gale gets a fistful of Sidney, and Scene 10 where our beloved bestie Tatum glories in it. Delightful.

--- Avian Bones - Do you think Marty Scorsese will give Emily Mortimer something to do in Hugo Cabret, now that she's been cast, since she had nothing much at all to do in Shutter Island? That would be nice, since she's capable of being so wonderful. Also cast is Michael Stuhlbarg from A Serious Man. Awesome, awesome cast.

--- Wenty's Secret - I've never had much use for perennial closet-case and Prison Break star Wentworth Miller - except maybe those times when he guested on Buffy and Popular - but if he really is a horror nerd writing horror scripts for Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster on the sly, well, it makes him slightly more interesting.

--- And finally, my bud Sean wrote up his thoughts on his first time (!!!) viewing of Mullholland Drive this week and it's made me feel the need to revisit the film something fierce. I need to make the boyfriend watch it with me because he hated it when it came out, and that just cannot be allowed to stand. Anyway it's been a few years since I've watched it and it's definitely that time again.


Hugh Man said...

i love me some wenty. hope Thor joins the army.

Scott said...

Wentworth Miller was great on Popular.