Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Am Link

--- Hot Wheels - There exists a movie called Rubber that's about a killer tire that is playing at film fests right now and somehow I am not watching this movie about a killer tire right now at a film fest and that, my friends, is a bitch.

--- My What Big Teeth - The American version of the poster for Piranha 3D showed up yesterday and it's terrific fun. Just a slight variant on the French poster from the other week but I like the lessened subtlety of this one. Of course I do. I have such lofty expectations for the ridiculousness of this movie, I hope it can live up. The trailer makes me giddy every time I watch it and I've watched it more than twice. Cementing the possibilities for ridiculousness in my brain is word that footage from the film got a big BANNED sticker slapped across it for ComiCon. I am exaggerating what happened but that makes for a better story that excites me more so I'm pretending that's the truth.

--- Goo Gone - BD compiled a fun list of the 10 best practical special effects scenes in horror, and all the usual suspects seem to be accounted for. Spider head!

--- Eyeing Adrien - This came up in the comments of my review of Predators yesterday, so I'll link to the film's producer Robert Rodriguez addressing the switch-up in a single noticeable shot.

--- In the Inn - There are a bunch of photographs of the hotel playing haunted for Ti West's follow-up to The House of the Devil, called The Innkeepers, over at Interview Magazine of all places. There's also a lengthy chat with Mr. West. Good junk, yo.

--- Spoken Word - It's apparently still a pain in the ass to get one's eyeballs onto Pontypool, the terrific scare-flick (my review) from last year that I named my 3rd favorite horror film of the year, but thankfully Billy Loves Stu managed to get a-hold of it and reviewed it and reminds me I gotta watch it again. So very special.

--- Mandy Mortal - I was just staring at a copy of Gattaca the other day, thinking I really have got to watch that movie again, I once loved it but it's been a very long time. Today comes news that the film's director, Andrew Niccol, has hired the lovely and Dom-stealing Amanda Seyfried to co-star in his new film, titled I'm.mortal. Just who she's co-starring with hasn't bene cast yet but that link has some details on what the movie's about. Sounds possibly interesting, it does.

--- A Golden God - This is the sort of story that'll grab anybody a headline if they throw it out there - is Betty White gonna take over George Burns' role as the Almighty Sky Person in a remake of Oh God!? And will Paul Rudd be her co-star? I would watch that movie, and I don't think I'm alone.

--- In Seven - Glenn's made it up to the seventh scene of the first Scream film in his scene-by-scene analysis of the series - alliteration-tastic! - and it's a big important one - where Ghostface first attacks Sidney. Glenn addresses what's always annoyed me about the scene, although he's more forgiving then I've ever been able to be - why the hell are they trying to kill her right then? I don't buy that Ghostface Stu wasn't really going for it, he comes really close a couple of times. And if they killed her there heir entire elaborate scheme would've been pointless. I know it sets up a whole batch of story-points that're gonna get us through the film, but it always and still does feel a little too sloppy for me in an otherwise really well-thought out and structured screenplay.
--- Blunder Land - Nathaniel ripped Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland a new one yesterday, deservedly, but I wish he hadn't reminded me of that blasted dance scene at the end. I'd finally blocked that horror from my brains, and here it is, haunting me anew. Shudder. You're paying my therapy bills, mister man!

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