Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


What better way to celebrate Gay Pride Month than to give some love to the story of two girls gone so bonkers in their confusing affections for each other that they smash in the skull of one of their own unwitting mothers? Hooray for deranged queers!

Seriously though, hooray for deranged queers. I wrote up a semi-defense of the stereotype before, in reference to Ben Foster's performance in 3:10 to Yuma, but this seems a good place to take the stance again. Deranged queers, hooray! I love 'em! In real life and in the movies! Alright mostly just in the movies. In real life I think Pauline Parker and Juliet Hume seem pretty freaking awful. But in the movie, with Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet bringing their confusions to inspired life and with Peter Jackson surrounding them with film-making magic, well it's just a pleasure wading in their insanity. They suck you right into their hysterical fantasies, and when they grab each others hands and swing around the woods, stripping to their oversized period-appropriate underpants, it's completely exhilarating.

Problem is, they just picked the wrong damned parent to bash! It's really marvelous the way Peter Jackson manipulates our sympathies here, making Pauline's Mum (a woefully unsung Sarah Peirse) the only other really sympathetic character in the film just in time for the horror to enclose upon her. The scene with her cluelessly sipping her tea and eating her cakes as the girls just want to get on with her murdering is simultaneously chilling and darkly funny.

No we cry - bash in Juliet's mother's head, you fools!

But it's not to be. Pauline, in that single-minded way of teenagers, has decided her forgiving and caring and simply overwhelmed mother is out to get her and must be stopped. Poor Honora. Fifty years later and she'd have probably been a member of PFLAG while Pauline watched her mother wave around a rainbow flag in embarrassed horror. But in 1954 it's clear she simply has no way to wrap her head around what's going on with these girls. And they have no way to wrap their head around the fact that she's trying to wrap her head around it.

But Peter Jackson makes this tragedy about more than the smothering confines of a specific time and place - it's still impressive even fifteen years later how much he seems to understand the passionate tumult of a teen girl's hormone-soaked imaginations, and the tumble they can take them off into dangerous obsession. The film's soars (and is positively exhausting) when these two get going, fueling each other's infatuations, and with them we go until there is no going back. The film starts with the conclusion and then shows us the circle that enclosed it - the path through this forest only has one ending, foregone.

"It's Mummy! She's terribly hurt!"
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breedaniels said...

This scene is so disturbing to me. Sarah Peirse is so gut wrenching. That scene affected me as much as the home invasion scene in "Henry: Portrait of a Seial Killer" when I first saw it. I love your synopsis of what the mom would be like today!!! I live for this blog and am often surprised at our taste in films and men; )Take care, JA.

shawnp said...

Ugh. You need a NSFL (not suitable for lunch) flag on this post.

I can hear the cry the Mom makes after she's been thwacked.

/puts down the turkey sandwich.

Anonymous said...

What a good, good movie. I hope Peter Jackson decides to make more like this instead of trying to become the next Jim Cameron. We need this sort of Peter Jackson.

Jason Adams said...

It's the part where we're tricked into thinking that Kate Winslet's trying to help her up, only to have her really be reaching for the brick-filled stocking so she can get her own smashes in, that gets to me every time. So upsetting.

Dale said...

Now you've made me go and rent this. Your description was so good I just had to see it.