Friday, June 18, 2010

This Has Got To Be A Fake Story...

... right? Via Showbiz Spy via STYD:

"VANESSA Hudgens has turned down the chance to team up with Sarah Michelle Gellar and bring Buffy the Vampire Slayer back from the dead.

The High School Musical star — who’s currently dating hunky actor Zac Efron – was approached by producers to work alongside Gellar in a big screen reboot of the hit TV show but, according to movie insiders, Vanessa wasn’t interested.

“She felt that with Twlight still so massive Buffy would not be the best option right now,” says one source.

“The idea was to have Sarah back but with Vanessa as a fresh, new character. The project has been shelved for now.”

I mean SMG has seemingly vanished off the face of the planet so who knows what lunacy she's gotten herself into - she did marry Freddie Prinze Jr. afetr all - but I still don't buy this. It seems wanky. Janky. Makin' me cranky! Okay today really needs to end before this sort of spazziness is allowed to continue.

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