Friday, June 11, 2010

Sufjan Going National


Over the past couple weeks I've been feeling a slight tingling in my Suffy-sense. A reborn irritation, if you will, is what it really is - a Sufjan Stevens song came onto my iPod the other week and a wave of anger washed over me. It's been five years since his last proper album came out. FIVE YEARS. I've whined here a few times wondering where the hell he's been but it's been a few months since I've bothered because the lack of any news at all starts to dull one's awareness, even with someone I adore as much as I adore Sufjan, ya know? But lately, these past few days, he's been on my mind. I'd even been thinking I'd do yet another "Where the hell is he?" post if I didn't hear anything.

And then, the heavens opened up and glorious light spilled down. Via Pitchfork:

"... the National's Bryce Dessner, a friend of Sufjan, tells Exclaim! that Sufjan is at work on that elusive new album right now. According to Dessner, Stevens is recording the album at the National's Brooklyn studio.

Dessner says, "We've played on some of the tracks and been listening to some of the stuff as he's been working on it." He added, "It's going to be incredible. It's going to probably blow people's minds."

Dessner also says that the new work won't sound like the music Stevens has released in the past, and he offers the unsurprising tidbit that Sufjan is "very solitary in what he does".

Nothing solid yet, then, but the prospect of a Sufjan/National record should get us through some rainy days."

You guys have heard me mention the current complete obsession I have right now with The National, right? Then imagine what this brief bit of news is doing to me today. Just imagine it. It fucking tingles.

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CT said...

Funny, I thought of you when I read this on Pitchfork the other day.

I hope--HOPE!--this means there will be another proper Sufjan album before I die.