Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So These Two Might Make A Movie Together


And correspondingly I might masturbate myself to death at the thought of it. Via Deadline:

"Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are in early talks to team on By Virtue Fall, an independent drama that will mark the directorial debut of Sheldon Turner, who shared an Oscar scripting nomination with Jason Reitman for Up in the Air.

... The drama charts a professional and personal relationship between two characters that evolves from friendship to betrayal and retribution. The Irish and Australian actors make an interesting match for a blood feud."

Sure, they might make an interesting match for a blood feud, but they'd make a spectacular match for a semen feud. Just sayin. Make love not war! And invite me along!


J.D. said...

You ain't the only one, sista.

Hugh Man said...

Omg! Imagining this is soo fun!

Spider_Orchid said...

By "blood feud" they mean lots of oral and anal...right? RIGHT?????