Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In The Mood For Lesbian Weirdness


I won't be watching True Blood until Monday nights this season so I'll be a day late dollar short with everything regarding the show (I know, boo) and as we all know that's approximately three entire lifetimes in internet time so I really shouldn't even bother, but yet... yet! How can I ever click on Alexander Skarsgard's tag here at MNPP and not allow this to be seen?

I could not. So there's that, and here's some a little bit more.
I love this show, and welcome it back.

Oh and for the record that scene between Sam and Bill was crazy hot - Stephen Moyer can sell sex with anyone; Beth Grant, old ladies with walkers, even that scene in the truck with the biker werewolves was weirdly kinda sexy because of him (and it seems pretty obvious to me that Bill had to make some extra effort not shown in order to get the upper hand there, right?) - but dreams that end right before a kiss better not be the extent of what we get with these two!


Derreck said...

Sweet Jeebus, i love Pam. Snobby, sarcastic and sassy. I'm so glad they made Kristen Bauer von Straten (her new name sounds awesome) a series regular.

Plus, i totally went blank when ASkars was naked. seriously. i knew it was going to happen, but nonetheless, i had a 'moment'.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked Jason Stackhouse's ass. Jeebus.

Anonymous said...

I got so hard during that scene between Bill and Sam

John T said...

All right-is the show really just sexy naked men almost making out, because if it is, I will renew HBO.

Anonymous said...

I love love love tv show Pam. I'm enjoying the differences between the books and show but Kristin B. v. Straten's tv Pam is exactly the way Pam was in my head. I love her! I can't get even. I am so in the mood for her lesbian weirdness! "Maybe I wear too much pink..." *drooling*

Thank god for the dream sequence. So hot!

And I love me some MNPP!

Anonymous said...

(From Anonymous above) Small loser didn't proofread and it should be "I can't get enough"*. Sorry.