Thursday, June 03, 2010

"I am stunned, just stunned!"

"Stunned is the only way to describe how stunned I am!"
RIP Rue. Sadness. Just one Girl left.
Don't you even think about ever leaving us, Betty!


Derreck said...

What a perfect quote. :(

RIP, Rue!

Even though i know it will happen eventually, i'm always shocked/saddened when i hear the news that one of them has left us. I still watch the show on DVD.

Jason Adams said...

Yeah I just started DVR'ing it a few weeks ago and have been rewatching it, a couple episodes a week. I don't care how many times I've seen every single episode, it is always funny. These ladies were like grandmothers to me when I was a lil' gay.

Anonymous said...

Had the privledge of working with Rue very closely for about 2 weeks on a project that was aborted. She was in good health then. It was before the breast cancer. I was certainly below her status as a star so I didn't know what to expect but was delighted to find she was totally open, professional, funny, honest, and delightful to be around as was her husband who was also a part of the project. When the project "failed" she and her husband took me and another compatriot to dinner at the Players Club. She said, "I'm terrible at staying in touch" but if you write to me I will eventually respond." Alas we went our separate ways, but working with her for those two weeks was one of the highlights of my life.