Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am Link

--- Five-nal - What the fuck is 5nal Destination even supposed to mean? Who are these moronic people who think that mutilating words equals hip? I can just picture it now: three kids walking through the mall, they see the movie's poster, and wham, the fact that it says 5nal instead of Final just blows their minds and they empty their pockets right there and then! Good grief. Anyway besides that news we've got word on what the opening death sequence, almost always these movies highlights, is gonna be. It sounds huge, and possibly awesome. So perhaps the 5nal worked its mojo on me after all! Nope... still looks like Anal.

--- UnPegged - Over here there's a couple of choice quotes from Edgar Wright, including where his adaptation of Ant Man stands - he's holding off on writing a second draft til all the Scott Pilgrim stuff is over - and on why he didn't cram his co-conspirators in awesomeness Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in said Pilgrim movie.

--- Little Monsters - If you live in London then you're an asshole if you don't go to this show of Ray Harryhausen's creations. Bring it to New York please!

--- Double Decker Baloney Sandwich - You'd think that Michael Stephenson would be sick of talking about Troll 2 by now, but he's got the stamina of a bull - here's yet another fun interview with him talking about Best Worst Movie and his experiences touring with the delightful doc for the past... oh, four years or so.

--- Second Activity - The trailer for the Paranormal Activity sequel has arrived! I haven't watched it yet but apparently it spoils the ending of the first film, so beware of that if you're a newbie. Although why anyone who hadn't seen the original would care enough to watch a trailer for the second film I don't know.

--- Unto Alien - You know what movie is fun to watch over and over again? Timecrimes. I've seen it like four times and it's entertaining and spooky and totally engaging every single time. The director of that movie, Nacho Vigalando, has revealed his next movie will be about spooky extraterrestrials, and BD has some info on it.

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D said...

The "Final Destination" franchise is starting to bum me out. I mean, the quality isn't declining that much, but something about seeing a near total remake every few years makes me feel prematurely aged. I keep getting older, the dead kids in "Final Destination" just stay the same age.

And today's teens probably have no idea who Devon Sawa even is. Just sayin'.