Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Am Link

--- Bar Man - I guess The Experiment doesn't have a distributor yet so who knows if/when we'll ever see this remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's terrific German flick, but there's the poster to the right, via BD. A bearded and shirtless (and perhaps more-less) Adrien Brody being treated porly behind bars has always been the driving interest in this flick and the poster's giving me want I want, it is.

--- A Real Head Turner - Got around to the latest episode of True Blood last night and once the episode ended, with that scene, I think I laughed for a good three to four minutes straight and couldn't stop. My goodness. Definition of WTF, that. I love this show. Anyway io9 recapped the episode nicely, and PopWrap chatted with Mariana Klaveno, who was on Bill's ... uh, receiving end... in the already infamous scene.

--- Bella Boned - Harry Knowles' review of the latest Twilight movie has sort of got to be read to be believed. An impressive cascade of explicit sexual word-vomit that honestly, even in its ridiculousness, seems completely appropriate way to explain the franchise, which has such a fucked up relationship with sexuality anyway. (Mormonsayswhat?)

--- Neil Next - After seeing Centurion the other night the topic of Neil Marshall's next movie came up, and I couldn't remember all of the details off hand - I remembered it's called Burst and is supposed to be in 3D and is about people exploding. Those are details that camp out in a person's brain. I forgot that it's Sam Raimi producing. Also, that it's still not close to being made yet. BD has an update on it and it's still being written. Get going, you guys! In April Neil said it'd be filming this Summer. Liar!

--- Sun Eggs - Over at The Film Experience Craig took a look at three performances by cinematic magician Jennifer Coolidge, who turns everything around her into glitter and gold.

--- Let Us Out - Also at AICN is a spoiler-riddled review from a test screening of Let Me In, the Let the Right One In remake, and I am having a Sophie's Choice moment over it. Do I read the spoilers about what they've changed so I'm prepared going in? Or do I keep myself free of the info? I mean I ought to just flush this film's being right out of my brain because it's not gonna bring me anything but grief, is what I ought to do. But I can't. I can't! Dammit!

--- Ga Ga Gore - Yesterday was Final Girl Film Club time and they took on Larry Cohen's delightful baby romp It's Alive. Since once again I went missing in action on the participation front I'll just direct y'all to this old post I did on the movie way back when. Almost like I did something, and stuff!

--- Stormy Weathers - Moving right along with his Scream scene-by-scene project, Glenn swam through the the third and the fourth scenes of the film, which introduced ever-so-briefly Courtney Cox's epic weather-bitch Gale Weathers.

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