Monday, June 21, 2010

I Am Link

--- At The Social - That's the poster for David Fincher's so-called Facebook movie, otherwise known as The Social Network, there via here. Will this be the first movie not to look at the internet with barely concealed contempt? Stay tuned! Although it's probably more about the peopl than the phenomenon. Anyway I know I've said this before but post-Benjamin Button it's become a real chore for me to work up a lot of enthusiasm for Fincher's new output. Kinda the same as it is with Danny Boyle post-Slumdog. Prove me wrong, fellas. Please. Anyway Andrew Gwarfield is hooray, Jesse Eisenberg is a meh, and Justin Timberlake... oh just stop acting and take off your top, please.

--- Miranda Rights - Over at The Film Experience Craig took a look at three of Miranda Richardson's greatest roles. We love her very much.

--- Fishy Dish - Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's Jaws. It's been a terribly long time since I've sat down and watched that film from start to finish, which is shameful. Shameful! Slash has a nice brief post up on the film anyway, with some images I've never seen before.

--- Best Rest Boos - Not that I want to encourage Glenn to get sick, but since his recent bout of illness brought about a marathon of horror movie watching, resulting in this delightful post, who am I to look a gift sick in the mouth? (Hope you're all better, Glenn!)

--- Camp Blood - Billy Loves Stu started a series called "Horror Films Every Self Respecting Gay Man Should See" and the first two entries have been Strait-Jacket with Joan Crawford and Brian De Palma's Carrie. Why haven't you clicked over already?

--- And finally, here's a video of Kellan shooting that Men's Health photo-shoot I posted the pics from the other week. Giver, him. (via)



Pax Romano said...

JA, once again, thanks for the shout out.

Jason Adams said...

No thank you Pax, for being so fucking awesome. ;-)

Glenn said...


I'm heading to the video store.

No, for reals. I am! I have a couple more days of sickness in me. The horror section (however small it may be these days) awaits.