Friday, June 18, 2010

I Am Link


--- Hot Sub - Yea it was written that in the tenth year of the new millennium a vampire and a football player would join the cast of a movie based on a board game and this news would make a certain blogger very confused as suddenly an illogical project would seem slightly more valid, at least on a beefcake level, than once seemed possible. Alex Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch are playing the leads, brothers, in the Battleship movie. Sigh.

--- Talk Tilda Talk - I could read a thousand pages of Tilda Swinton talking about film-making. Or shoes. Anything. Point being, this interview with her at AICN is not long enough. Never long enough! She talks a bit about her next film, with Movern Callar's Lynne Ramsey, called We Need To Talk About Kevin, but mostly it's Julia and I Am Love talk. Y'all know how I feel about Julia, and I cannot wait to see I Am Love this weekend.

--- Picking X - Looks like Michael Fassbender decided to take the role of Young Magneto in the new X-Men movie rather than the unspecified villain in the new Spider-Man movie.

--- Spy V Spy - Haven't heard much from that Sam Worthington person since Titans came out - he's in talks to star in This Means War opposite Chris Pine, where the lovely lads star as two spies destroying NYC in a fight over a girl (played the part of "girl" is Reese Witherspoon, eminently un-fight-over-able).

--- The Lady Crane - A couple of pieces worth checking out on Psycho's anniversary that I missed - Arbogast (hmm where'd he gets that name anyway?) linked to a piece he wrote awhile back that ponders Marion's state of undress at the start of the film and how far she and Sam had actually trysted. It's a wonderful take, go read it!

And Kim Morgan looks at Hitch's film thru the prism of Van Sant's remake, which she calls "a middle finger to the studios."

--- Dan Rad - How is it that I even want to have sex with Daniel Craig's silhouette? (via)

--- And finally, Joe's countdown of Buffy best episodes has been still going down at Low Resolution and it's making me crazy with the need to rewatch the entire series. Here's his #20-16 and here's his #15-11.


Anonymous said...

I had a few new thoughts about Buffy while watching it last night:
1. If Hush was made just 2-3 years later, then everyone would have be texting and the episode very different.

2. I've been told that the reason a new slayer isn't called the second time Buffy dies is that the calling passed on to Kendra and then Faith. If this is true, then why would bringing her back allow the FIRST the chance to destroy the slayer line?

Jason Adams said...

Sean, it is totally weird to realize that about "Hush" and see how quickly the world changed, technology-wise. Buffy would've been SUCH a texter. And I can hear the "sexting" quips in my head right now (and I don't like them).

As for #2, me-of-5-years-ago probably had a theory about all that but it's been so long I couldn't piece together the logic again if I tried. If there is any logic that could be piecedtogether and I suspect the answer the writers would give would lean towards, "Cuz we say so!"

DuchessKitty said...

JA, I totally agree about Battleship. When I first heard about it I was shocked and dismayed that the film industry is sinking so low as to co-opt board games for movie ideas. What next. Pictionary: The Movie? But now hearing about Skarsgard and Kitsch, I might actually see the damn thing.
Damn you Hollywood!

Ms Scrappy said...

Hey! What's long and hard and full of hot,hot, seamen and probably make me sorry I paid to see it? Battleship muthafuckas!!! Thank you very much GOOD Night!!