Friday, June 04, 2010

Guess It's Brad Davis Time Again

While reading through some Rue McClanahan obits yesterday I saw mention of the affair she said she had with Brad Davis while they were in a play together in 1973. Naturally this made me contemplate Brad again, if by contemplate I mean "send me shuffling off to try and find more pictures of him," and I do mean that. Of course I do!

And I did! Find some pictures of him I hadn't seen (or posted) before, that is. Which is a feat, since I didn't think there were any left. Seriously, if you do a Google image search for his name you'll see that a whole lot of the pictures are from right here at MNPP, a fact I am super duper proud of. We're Brad Davis Central, y'all! Anyway these first few are familiar yet newish shots of him in Fassbinder's Querelle, then some Midnight Express randomness.

And here are a couple shots of him playing Bobby Kennedy with Veronica Cartwright as his wife Ethel in a 1985 miniseries about the dead politician that I wasn't aware of at all. Brad and my beloved Veronica? Awesome!



Dame James said...

Keep doing God's work, sir.

Sean said...

Unbelievably hot. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I read her book; she rated him an A sex-wise.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you, my puberty would have not been the same without me sneaking into a screening of Querelle, and i must say that first pic of Brad in a suit and being back-attacked that must be from a publicity session or something, WOW, thanks again