Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Billy's Backdraft Backside

Indecent? You want indecent? I got your indecent right here. Somehow I've never posted these screen-caps from Backdraft, even though they're from one of the most inspiring scenes ever captured on celluloid. That's right - I just gave Ron Howard some props. That's something you won't hear too often round these parts, my friends. But you point a camera at William "Billy" Baldwin and Jason Gedrick showering together circa 1991 and you deserve all the props there are in the world to foist. Foist, ho!

And here's a couple of bonus shots of Billy making his sex-face a year earlier in Flatliners, because this era of Billy Baldwin was a very golden era indeed.



jeffreygmm said...

don't forget Sliver!

Jason Adams said...

Oh I could never forget Sliver! I'm just saving that for another post. There's only so much Billy to savor. Unfortunately.

Hugh Man said...

He needs the body hair of Alec. One day when I die and go to Olympus Alec will be there as the god of sweat and piercing eyes and funny.