Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

.. making movies with Justin Theroux.

These shots are from a music video that I posted ages ago, but what with the Theroux-written Iron Man 2 being successful this weekend and I figured it's safe to dip into this well again. Viva Theroux!

Did anyone see Iron Man 2?
Should I brave my RDJ-hate or is it not worth my time?


Jwise said...

The fact that Scarlett Johansson is a highlight should tell you everything you need to know

Jason Adams said...

Ha well I like ScarJo normally (although I'll be the first to admit that she's been on a really really terrible streak for a bit here) and she was already the highlight for me in the movie's trailer. Her and Mickey Rourke (and I'm not ashamed to admit I mostly like Gwyneth too, damn all y'all) are really the draws for me in the first place. Oh and Sam Rockwell. But sitting thru two hours of Downey's mugging was always gonna be a tall order for me.

Jwise said...

The real problem is in the script. It's just not as interesting as the first one.

Scar Jo really does kick some ass -- both literally and figuratively. Rockwell always rules and Gwynnie is a little less grating. Not much, but some.

RDJ is exactly the same as #1.

Truthfully, Mickey's character is kind of the worst part...for me at least

Mat said...

Sam Rockwell is the best part. It may be worth seeing just for his performance.

Hugh Man said...

Not as gritty (plot driven) as the first, but a good super hero flick. You like the serious comic book so I'd say no, but then again you have Non on your pic. You are going to feel so/so about this movie.