Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Am Link

--- Time Again - If I had the opportunity to keep working with Joseph Gordon Levitt over and over again I'd certainly take it, so I don't blame director Rian Johnson one iota for hiring him again (after Brick, and a cameo in The Brothers Bloom) for the lead in his upcoming time-travel action flick Looper.

--- Jumpin' Jake Flash - I haven't read this interview with Jake Gyllenhaal yet but it's an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal so I certainly will soon. He apparently talks some about his next flick with Duncan "Moon" Jones, called Source Code, which I'm super-duper-curious about. Has Moon ushered in a bunch of smaller sci-fi pictures? Fingers crossed they'll be good! There's so much rich material there for digging into.

--- Two Linds - Lindsay Lohan is playing Linda Lovelace, eh? Hrm what do we think of this? I'm... conflicted. Because it's a role that Lohan might just be perfect for. Or it could just be like that John Lennon movie or the one where she was a dead stripper (or something?) - who knows with her anymore? I mean, this coulda been Anna Faris. But I'm reserving my judgment for now.

--- He Had Grace - Chris Pine looks lovely in this blue tux. That's all.

--- The List Is Life - Glenn continues to scrape the contents of his brain clean of the last decade and post the best and brightest chunks onto Stale Popcorn. Looks a lot like my best and brightest chunks too! Meaning there's beefcake.

--- Jackin' Diane - Since Looking For Mr. Goodbar is finally widely available to watch now after years of neglect it's been great hearing people talk about the movie. Nat takes a look at one of Keaton's monologues in the movie today over at The Film Experience. Such a fascinating complicated movie - sort of the definition of a movie that would never be made today. And god I miss Diane Keaton actually acting. She was so phenomenal.

--- Better Lock Your Door - Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller tweeted that they're already working on a 3D sequel to this past weekend's just released Nightmare on Elm Street film. If y'all remember, he tweeted the exact same thing last Summer the week after Friday the 13th came out, and we've seen how that's gone. Still their Nightmare is a hundred times better than their Friday (low praise, that) and I welcome a sequel.

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Love the new banner, btw. Love that scene from New Nightmare...skeevy.