Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday's Ways Not To Post

I thought I was blown out yesterday but I didn't know from blowing, y'all. Three concerts in three nights is just too much excitement for these old bones. Anyway I haven't had time to prepare a Ways Not To Die post for this week, so we're skipping a proper one. My apologies.

For shits and for giggles though let's look upon the most famous murder scene in all of cinema, one I will probably never do a proper WNTD post for anyway because it's too gargantuan a feat. Let us compare and then let us contrast the shower murders in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and in Gus Van Sant's remake 38 years later. Eh?

Hitch's Psycho, 1960

Van Sant's Psycho, 1998

And because it's a wonderful world, this online world, some enterprising soul went and put the scenes side by side in one video! Behold!


So... yeah. What you got to say about that, then?


Ross said...

Is it wrong to get a thrill when Anne Heche gets knifed?

Jason Adams said...

That's like the definition of right, Ross.

Glenn Dunks said...

I really love the Psycho remake. Obvs not as much as the original, but does the original have a lesbian Julianne Moore with a walkman?!? NO IT DOESN'T!