Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

The fates seem to be telling me that it's high time (ha ha pun you'll see) that I rewatched Smiley Face again. You know the Gregg Araki stoner-comedy starring Anna Faris. Two places have tossed the movie at me so far today.

Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn's doing a countdown of his Greatest Hits of the 00's - a list of everything he loved in the decade - and in today's Part II of the series, coming in at #155, is Anna Faris, where he says she's been Oscar-worthy three times over (and for the record I totally agree but that probably surprises none of you).

And secondly, I stumbled upon this nice lil' take on the movie praising it for being, until Natalie Portman has her way this year with Your Highness and Best Buds, the only female-stoner-centric film out there. She is right, right? I'm hardly a connoisseur of stoner-flicks, I saw Smiley Face because of Anna and Araki, not out of any connection to the... material (I don't much like the pot, it's true). I've never even seen Half-Baked or a single Cheech & Chong movie. Anyway choice bit from this link:

"I have noticed, over the years of tickling my cannabanoid receptors, there are very few stoner flicks starring women. Actually, there are very few stoner flicks featuring women who are um, STONERS. I suspect this has to with enforcing traditional gender roles and perpetuating negative stereotypes about cannabis users. Women are caretakers, not stoners. Women are "fun-killers," i.e. wives, girlfriends, and mothers who unfailingly look down on the infantile, lazy, unintelligent potheads with their dead-end jobs and ratty couches. When the stoner flick features teenage protagonists, the few girls who do smoke weed are minor characters and typically "unattractive" or "slutty." This seems to prove a point about females cannabis users - if you in fact exist, you're not normal and we wanted to make sure you knew that. This is why Smiley Face, starring Anna Faris, was a little breath of fresh air."

I don't know that "fresh air" is how I would've worded that exactly, but yes. Anyway, my point is...


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Scott said...

And when people ask me why I have a picture of John Garfield on my wall, I can tell them, 'because I like lasagna.'

Luuuuuvz this movie! when she's trying to back out of the parking garage is my favorite part. I was actually just thinking about watching this again too. We should all have a Smiley Face party...