Thursday, April 15, 2010

Say Goodbye, Sack!

I always make oh-so-hilarious jokes about kidnapping attractive male celebrities by stuffing them in a sack and running off with them, but this shot from the set of Hanna, the new Eric Bana film, has given me a whole new idea. (via)

Just a gentle nudge with up onto the hood of my car and I can carry him off, no muss no fuss. Yay! I finally have something to thank director Joe Wright for. Here are a few more pics of Eric on the set:

Hanna is that movie where Saoirse Ronan plays a teen assassin and Eric's her diabolical pops. Cate Blanchett's in it too. I'm there.


J.D. said...

The amount of WIN in the pre-production, and now THIS?

God. I'm gonna pass out.

JLang said...

Some artist play that game too, even in her videos. Ask Lily Allen --->