Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quote of the Day

All that we've known for ages about the Joss Whedon scripted, Drew Goddard directed flick The Cabin in the Woods was... it's about a cabin in the woods. Basically. That's it's a riff on the Evil Dead-ish story of a bunch of people going to (drum-roll please) a motherfucking cabin in the motherfucking woods. And supposedly, since it's a horror movie, shit goes wrong.

But Amy Acker - who is in the film, which is something I'd forgotten, seeing as how it's been forever since we've been given anything juicy on the movie and it's not even out until January 14th, 2011, ugh - went and opened her big yap. Hooray! Via SciFiWire:

"Co-star Amy Acker (Dollhouse) let slip a clue at WonderCon in San Francisco over the weekend.

... Cabin in the Woods is a creature feature. "There's a lot of scary monsters," Acker said in a group interview while promoting the upcoming ABC TV series Happy Town. "It's a scary movie."

The film is officially finished, Acker said: Not the 3-D coversion, but the "picture locked" edit. "I got an e-mail yesterday that it was finished," Acker said. "The cut is finished, so they've got it all, well, 'in the can' I guess is what the terminology was."

She hasn't seen it yet, but her Happy Town bosses have. "These guys are all friends with Drew from Alias [in which Acker also had a role], and they saw it and said that it was awesome," she said. "So that's good."

Is this movie really such a mystery, though? I mean, the title is The Cabin in the Woods. "It is about a cabin in the woods," Acker confirmed. "You've figured it out. Yeah, it's about a cabin in the woods. It does take from the sort of formula of the horror movie of this group of young kids who go away to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, and everything that happens and what you think is supposed to happen."

Ugh 3D conversion.

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