Thursday, April 22, 2010

If You Need More Of Me...

... and how could you not? The 1000 posts I post a day could never sate your insatiable (ha redundant) thirst for all-things-me. So since you need more, I will direct you over to Celebrity Beehive, the delightful site where I'm now contributing.

I'll be doing a weekly round-up every Thursday or Friday where I'll touch on some of the movie news that's broken in the week that just was. My first post is up today, so go check it out. I get to diss Kick Ass some more, an opportunity I couldn't pass up, plus touch on other assorted cinema tidbits, a lot of which I don't talk about here. Check it!

I'll be doing more stuff in the future, including something of sorts with the last few episodes of Lost, and I'll surely direct you over whenever I do. Because, me. Me me me! But while you're over there you might wanna click around into the Beehive's wealth of celebrity-centered games too, because there's good times going down there.

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