Monday, April 26, 2010

I Lied To You!

Dagnabit I'm such a nogoodnik. I know, harsh words, but deserved. Totally deserved! Because earlier today I said this:

"I sorta wish Neil Marshall would make another horror movie - Dog Soldiers and especially The Descent proved his mettle in that genre - but he seems pretty keen on making straight-up action movies these days and Centurion looks terrific so I won't complain, I suppose. He's planning on adapting the 70s Brit TV series The Professionals into a movie next, says here. I'm not familiar with the show but it sounds like a super-spy buddy-cop type thing."

And yet... and yet! I'd forgotten completely about a project Neil's had bubbling and brewing in the background which I've posted about before myself and which here has some new news on today:

"Neil Marshall has revealed that his horror film Burst will begin production over the summer.

The Centurion director told DS that he and producer Sam Raimi are planning to move forward with the 3D project in the coming months.

He said: "[It's] about people exploding in 3D, which should be a lot of fun! I'm doing it with Sam Raimi. It's called Burst, hopefully going into production in the summertime."

So that's awesome, that news. Really really awesome. But I'm still a filthy fucking stupid liar.

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Dale said...

I do hope he'll do a serious horror again, though. Burst sounds like a (fucking awesome) horror-comedy. I really like his humour and all, and I'll probably love Burst... But well, Dog Soldiers and Doomsday are good, but The Descent is bloody amazing. So I'd be thrilled if we got something geared in that direction again, someday.