Friday, April 16, 2010

I Knew The Moment I Gazed Upon Her Beauty...

... her fabulous, fabulous beauty...

... that I'd be seeing Fassbinder's
World on a Wire at MoMA this week.

That ravishing lady is Barbara Valentin, and she was one of Fassbinder's main players; she first caught my eye as the bartender in Ali: Fear East the Soul (which is still my favorite Fassbinder, no matter how many I see, and at this point I've seen quite a few). She's so perfectly Fassbinderian that she hurts my eyes to look upon.

It was love at first sight.

Anyway World on a Wire is showing at MoMA through Monday. It's a three and a half hour science-fiction TV series from 1973, which is a description that, once placed into Fassbinder's hands, just sounds chock-full of the most incredible possibilities.

I'm seeing it tonight and am justly excited, y'all. Justly.
Here's the review at the NYT.

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caliban said...

She was such a sweetheart;)
Sie was quite prominent in the Munich gay scene. Had the same drink everytime she came to the "Nil".
Until this one night when she fell of the chair...
She was good friends with Freddy Mercury. Both of them partied big time in Munich...
Long time ago.