Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Austin's Pecs


So Austin Peck is on a soap opera, right? I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen him in anything, but thanks to that long-long-ago highly-formative-for-me period called the 1990s where he could often be seen taking off his top, I know his name and face and so on down the line fairly well, all the same. In the period before this thing called "the internet" was invented, giving chaps like him weren't nearly as easy to come by as they are now. So... yeah. He done me right back then. He really should've been name-checked in my "Hall of Hubba-Hubba" post way back in the day. So thanks, dude.



Peter Chan said...

He's on off-Broadway right now I think. Read somewhere he was fired off his soap when he had an affair with a costar.

Anonymous said...

The play he is appearing in currently off broadway is The Irish Curse at Soho Rep and it's about a support group for men with small penises. Dan Butler is also in it and it is an entertaining "dramedy". Austin plays a gay cop and he's quite good in the show, but alas, he remains clothed throughout.